The prestigious Shigeru Kawai range is hand crafted by a select team of Master Piano Artisans, in a separate factory facility. Shigeru represents the highest level of manufacturing in the piano industry. Materials are specially selected for this range and each piano is a unique instrument. They are made using the best of traditional handmade methodology as well as advanced design techniques. The waiting period for a Shigeru piano can be as long as 2 years. They are available from 178 cm in length right through to concert grand size.

In order to handle Shigeru Kawai, dealerships internationally have to meet stringent technical requirements. They need to prove that their technical skill and experience will be able to properly support these exceptional instruments. Ian Burgess-Simpson Pianos is privileged to have been acknowledged as having standards that meet these criteria. We are therefore in the small number of dealers around the world who can offer Shigeru Kawai pianos.