Kawai produce one of the best ranges of grand pianos available anywhere in the world, from entry level baby grands to their renowned concert instruments.

They are frequently chosen by schools, universities, performance institutions and professional pianists, as well as in major Piano Competitions around the world.

The touch and tone of Kawai grand pianos is distinctive and highly regarded, with a mechanism design which gives the pianist a solid and responsive feel under their fingers, as well as an extremely fast and controllable action.

Prices range from R175 000 for the GL-10 baby grand to R2 000 000 for the EX Concert grand piano.

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New GL range
These pianos are designed with slightly simpler cabinet features compared to the GX range, with differences such as a plain tapered leg and simpler music desk.

With Kawia’s renowned Millennium III action in all models from the GL-10 (153cm) to GL-50 (188cm) they offer outstanding value for money, whether for private owners, teaching institutions or small performance venues.

Available in Ebony gloss and various other special finishes (model dependent).

Length: 153cm

The GL-10 is Kawai’s baby baby grand! At 153 cm this is a piano suitable for any space. It offers the elegance of a grand piano and a compact size for a smaller room or display area.

Length: 157cm

Retaining all the benefits of the compact size this model offers duplex scale to provide even more resonance and tonal colour.

Length: 166cm

The same size as the GX-1, but with simpler cabinet features, this piano is an excellent and cost effective alternative.

GX range

Defining the “made in Japan” philosophy of piano building!

The new standard of grand piano design is beyond imagination. Combining state of the art technology with traditional craftsmanship, applying knowledge and experience handed from generation to generation. With lightness of touch and a rich, vivid, expressive tone – a new era of grand piano performance has arrived.

The patented Millennium III action, with ABS carbon fibre parts, provides increased power and resilience to climatic fluctuations. The GX range has a beautifully elegant cabinet with facetted legs, a shaped music desk and ‘Soft Fall’ fallboard.

With six pianos in this range, from baby grand to recital grand, these pianos offer quality, beauty and concert level performance.


Length: 166cm

This instrument has a surprising power and fullness of sound for a baby grand. The low register of the GX-1 is unusually good when compared to other instruments of similar sizes.

Length: 180cm

A medium size “boudoir” grand with excellent sonority and dynamic range. Its size makes it suitable for use in a relatively small space and is therefore ideal as a family piano, for a professional pianist or as a teaching piano.

Length: 188cm

The GX-3 has a wonderful, strong bass tonality with clarity and colour throughout the registers. Its size and qualities make it appropriate to most home or studio situations and as a small recital piano.

Length: 200cm

This model is an exceptional piano. It has a very versatile range of sonority and an exciting bass register. With particularly elegant proportions it would grace any home or smaller performance space. The GX-5 is also an outstanding teaching piano, and measures up to the requirements of serious amateur or professional pianists.

Length: 214cm

The South African College of Music at UCT uses this size Kawai grand for their senior teaching studios. As with all the Kawai recital instruments, this piano will meet the most rigorous demands both mechanically and in its tone and dynamic range.

Length: 229cm

With the GX-7, Kawai have arguably produced the most successful recital instrument available, short of the full concert grand. Although it is suitable for most recital venues, it is not too large to be accommodated in a home environment. With a powerful, sonorous tone and great clarity this model rates with the best in the world.

EX Concert Grand
Length: 276cm

Kawai’s concert pianos are acclaimed by international pianists and selected for major Piano Competitions around the world. The EX Shigeru is built by Master Piano Artisans in the Shigeru facility. There are fewer than 20 of these outstanding instruments manufactured each year for the entire international market.